John Feehery

John’s podcast, “The Feehery Theory” is a staple for conservative thinking.  In this interview we talk about the Tyranny of the Majority, and how that has come to redefine our country.

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John O’Connor

John O’Connor is an attorney, and more, he represented “Deepthroat” of Watergate fame.  He talked to CTH about how today’s journalism was formed by the excesses of the Watergate era.

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Justin Goodman

Justin is a VP at the White Coat Waste Project.  They aim to end the enormous amount of tax-payer funds spent on wasted animal testing.  You will be shocked at the examples of waste that exist.

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Larry Klayman

Larry is an attorney, a right-wing activist, and former U.S. Justice Department prosecutor. He founded both Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch.  His thoughts on our legal system are enlightening.

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Lucretia Hughes

Lucretia is a Conservative Super Activist.  She has a podcast, gives speeches everywhere, and is completely conversant on any topic that matters in our topsy-turvy country.

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Sabin Howard

Sabin Howard is an internationally renowned classical figurative sculptor. He was selected to create the WWI Memorial to be placed in Pershing Park, Washington DC. He spoke to CTH about his work.

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