About American Endeavor

American Endeavor has a mission to preserve, protect and promote American values through its educational activities.

It is a non-partisan organization that has been founded to support traditional thought and values in this 21st century American society. These include – but are not limited to:

  • A small manageable government that is responsive to the people it governs.
  • The Constitution and Bill of Rights.
  • The belief that ALL people should have equal opportunity to achieve their goals.
  • The understanding that equal outcomes for everyone are neither possible nor desirable.

The American Endeavor Vision

american endeavor

Millions of conservative Americans are not getting the best information. Yet, each one’s vote counts.

We have formed American Endeavor to help conservative thought leaders reach their fellow citizens.

Our aim is to share with them what is happening in this country, and how we can all work together to protect America. It is a way to bring hope back to citizens, to let them know they are not alone.

Delivery Of Our Message

There will be several ways to deliver our message:

  • A weekly radio show – The Conservative Thought Hour.
  • “The American” email newsletter – monthly.
  • Our website – always live.
  • Series of educational video vignettes about the people and events that have shaped America.
  • Conservative book sales – unavailable elsewhere.
  • Conservative children’s books – The Tuttle Twins Learn.

The Conservative Thought Hour

Our flagship radio station is WENG, in Englewood Florida. WENG’s coverage area includes 350,000 households and businesses. We will conduct hour-long interviews with noted conservatives, (as well as some with opposing views).

Each Show will allow the guest to present a topic that is important to them – one that they want the people to know about.

A guest may choose to do a number of interviews, either on the same topic, or on different topics. They will be able to give voice to their passion without fear of reprisal or censorship.

Interviews will be with people of substance to the conservative mind. Economists, writers, journalists, politicians, activists, and even more will be guests.

American Endeavor will ensure that every message is heard and all voices are welcome.

Past interviews will be available for replay on our website so that our readers can listen to our content at a convenient time. Go to CTH interviews to listen.

We hope you will join us.