About American Endeavor

Today’s hostile political landscape has made it very difficult to be a conservative American. The cancel culture has caused many to hide from their duties to participate as citizens. Thus, Conservatives do not know who speaks for them. They do not know what is being done on their behalf. So total is the muzzling imposed by the left that many Americans have decided to withdraw from the process, including a decision to no longer vote. Therefore, this has given rise to the establishment of American Endeavor.

The American Endeavor Vision

american endeavor

Millions of conservative Americans are not technology proficient, and are unable to get important conservative news from their phones or computers. Yet, each one’s vote counts as much as that of a 20-year-old computer whiz’s vote. So, American Endeavor is a way for our leaders to actually reach these disenfranchised citizens, and share with them what is happening in this country, and how they are working to protect America. It is a way to bring hope back to citizens, to let them know they are, indeed, not alone.

Delivery Of Our Message

There will be three delivery methodologies:

  1. A nationally syndicated weekly radio show, and
  2. A web-based delivery platform
  3. An email newsletter – The American

Syndicated Network

The Independent Broadcasters Association will syndicate the Conservative Thought Hour nationally. Through a network of 1,500 small, independent AM and FM radio stations. Our flagship station is WENG, in Englewood Florida. WENG’s coverage area includes 350,000 households. Thus, by using small independent stations rather than the large corporate ones, it will be very difficult for the left to de-platform our messages. Member stations can use our programming to draw an audience keen to know who the good guys are, and what they are doing on our behalf.

Furthermore, these messages will be conveyed through one-hour interviews with noted conservatives.  The show is called the Conservative Thought Hour (CTH).   Each will allow the guest to present a topic that is important to them – one that they want the people of this country to know about. So, a guest may choose to do a number of interviews, either on the same topic, or on different topics. They will be able to give voice to their passion without fear of reprisal or censorship.

The member stations set aside a one-hour time slot for the CTH. Each interview is recorded, and will be an asset of American Endeavor. The member stations will gain a unique advantage by getting programming not available to the corporate media in their market.

We intend to record a large library of interviews with people of substance to the conservative mind. Politicians on all levels, activists, economists and writers, journalists and more will be guests. American Endeavor will ensure that every message is heard and all voices welcome.

The Web-Based Delivery System

American Endeavor has acquired access to a technology that will create a super-charged delivery. Once installed on this website, it will allow access to our entire library of content. We can decide to charge a minimal per/view fee, or create a membership structure that will allow an interested person unlimited access to all of our content. Alternatively, we can provide the content free of cost.

In addition, this same video technology can be easily and freely installed on any website. There are certainly dozens of conservative websites in the US. Likely hundreds. Perhaps thousands. Each website can draw visitors by making our content available to that website’s users.

By using this technology, we can put our interviews in front of an almost unlimited US audience: Hundreds or thousands of websites, each with our dedicated technology, can show our interviews. This technology is a game changer for getting a message out to the base.

In Summary

Conservatives can deliver their message to every member of the base through American Endeavor. They will have no fear of being de-platformed, neither will they need to be concerned about the user’s technical capabilities.