Deep 6 Diaries

Deep 6 Diaries is a banned book!

It is almost impossible to find a copy of Deep 6 Diaries. But you can now purchase a copy through American Endeavor.

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Why Is It Banned?

This book is the true story of the real-life targeting of one little guy by the deep state. 

When bureaucrats target a high-profile conservative, everyone watches; when they target an ordinary small business owner, nobody notices. 

And, so, bureaucrats behave badly when there’s nobody watching!

Exposing the deep state targeting of the little guy is a risk to the big guys of the civil service.  So the Deep State banned Deep 6 Diaries.

Therefore, you cannot buy this book online or in bookshops. 

Using government authority, the civil service blacklisted Gordon Knight, the author, making Deep 6 Diaries unavailable on Amazon and legally unsalable on the D6D website.  Moreover, the book was banned within days of its launch. 

While this story had its beginnings in Canada, its implications have far-reaching consequences in the United States other western countries.

Right now, American Endeavor is the ONLY source for this book. A limited number of copies are available ONLY through this website. for $35.00, including postage and packing

What’s Inside?

deep 6 diaries, image of Gordon Knight

Deep 6 Diaries is the true story of Gordon Knight’s family business being targeted for destruction by the Civil Service.

It’s the story of this one man defending himself and his family against the might of the marshalled forces of the Federal Government.   

And it’s about corruption run by that Government in the US, in Canada, and throughout the world.  

Gordon’s case is just a small part of a much broader practice being conducted by these bureaucrats.

It is the story of massive government corruption within the Civil Service in the US and in Canada, collusion between government departments in both countries and between the civil service and the judges of the courts.

Furthermore, it is a relatable story of a real Deep State advancing its own interests at the expense of the people it is supposed to serve.

Because this book exposes the Deep State corruption so vividly, the bureaucrats of the Civil Service arranged to blacklist Gordon, ban his book. and threatened him with life in prison.

Deep 6 Diaries costs $35.00 which includes postage and packing.

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