Reliving Our Past – Educational Series

Facing a new climate in education, Americans must combat the blatant reconstruction of our past, and seek to educate all students on our real history. Our Eduational Series will help with that.

Therefore, we will deliver information about our past and the heroes who laid the foundations of the American Spirit.

Visitors to our website can freely watch them all, below or on our YouTube Channel right here.

The entire educational series is also freely available to both public and private schools so that students will learn about our history and have reasons to take pride in their country. 

For further information about making these videos available to your local schools, please contact our CEO, Rick Stannard, at

In addition, some great educational content is available in The American Newsletter.

The great history of the American Founding and growth is featured in these videos. Get enlightened to the often ignored and untold stories of American exceptionalism.

It is only through true education about American greatness that love of country can develop. Because, those who hate America do not know America.

Please join us for this educational series as we present:

Our Educational Series – Proclaiming the Fortitude of the American Spirit.

The short videos below feature the People and Events that shaped America, American Patriotism, American Independence and our Constitution and its Amendments. Enjoy your journey of discovery.