Reliving Our Past – Educational Series

Facing the new climate in education, Americans must combat blatant censorship and protect freedom of speech. Therefore, this Educational Series will deliver information about our distant past and the heroes who laid the foundations of the American Spirit.

There is evidence that the American education system is falling prey to revisionist history and to indoctrinated messaging. For this reason a true history of American patriots and the American Founding must be put forth.

Therefore, with this mission in mind, American Endeavor is committed to delivering a host of short informational videos. Also, it is our intent to distribute them far and wide. This is the genesis of our Reliving Our Past – Educational Series.

In addition, The American Newsletter features more educational content.

We will educate youth and adults in the great history of the American Founding with these videos. And enlighten them to the ignored and often untold stories of American exceptionalism.

It is only through true education of American greatness that love of country can develop. Because, those who hate America do not know America.

Please join us for this educational series as we present:

Proclaiming the Fortitude of the American Spirit.

You may view these videos on our YouTube Channel by simply clicking on one of the images below. In addition, we hope you will find them educational and informative.

The Preamble to the American Constitution

The Pledge of Allegiance

About Betsy Ross and Our Flag

The Explorers – Lewis and Clark

Who Was Thomas Paine?

The American National Anthem

Nathan Hale – A Revolutionary Hero

The Famous Words Of Patrick Henry

The Story Of Thanksgiving, The American National Holiday

Man On The Moon

Genius of Menlo Park – Thomas Edison.

Remember The Alamo.