Conservative Truths

John Anthony

John Anthony is the founder of the Sustainable Freedom Lab.  The Lab’s purpose is to make the truth available to those looking for it.  Whether it’s in Bureaucratic overreach, or simply uncovering the lies being told to us by our government, John is a great resource.

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Emery McClendon

Emery is a Fellow at Project 21, that wonderful group of black Conservatives.  We chat about the differences in how people of various backgrounds will view the same topics, giving us the value of perspective.

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Lucretia Hughes

Lucretia is a Conservative Super Activist.  She has a podcast, gives speeches everywhere, and is completely conversant on any topic that matters in our topsy-turvy country.

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Joan Swirsky

Joan Swirsky is an award-winning author and journalist, who writes extensively for the New York Times as well as for other conservative press outlets.

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Ari Hoffman

Ari, a Seattle resident, is a conservative voice in a sea of blue voters.  He has a weekday radio show, where he discusses today’s burning issues from his conservative perspective.

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Cade Courtley

Cade comes to us from the military, having served in the Navy Seals.  He had a wonderful TV show on survival skills, but he did not like being in Hollywood (a smart man).

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